Virtual Private Servers

General Purpose VPS

These virtual servers offer a well-rounded combination of CPU power, RAM, and SSD storage, making them an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. They are perfectly suited for website hosting, e-commerce platforms, blogs, forums, and small to medium-sized databases. This balance makes them a popular starting point for various online needs.

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SSD Storage
Root Access
Fast-SSD Storage
KVM Virtualisation


Our hosting services rely on the robustness of Dell EMC Enterprise Server hardware and speedy enterprise-grade SSDs, guaranteeing high uptime and consistent, reliable performance. Additionally, we maintain a policy of not overloading our servers, ensuring ample performance capacity for all our clients.


Preserve up to seven disk images of your Virtual Private Server, which can be done manually or set up to occur automatically based on a schedule. The pricing for these backups is determined as a fraction of your server plan's cost. In case of any issues, you have the option to restore your system at any time.


Adjust your server capabilities effortlessly to match your evolving requirements. You can upgrade to a plan offering enhanced CPU, RAM, or Disk space with just a few clicks, ensuring your hosting solution always aligns with your current needs. This flexibility allows for seamless scalability, accommodating growth or changing demands without hassle.

Auckland New Zealand Data Centre

Hosted in a state of the art Auckland based data centre is designed to provide mission critical uptime and redundancy.


Albany, Auckland, New Zealand


Dual path, provider redundant with dual-dual network design to ensure uptime and resiliency.

Backup Power Source

Multiple in-line UPS supported by diesel generator.


Physical access security control system.

Operating Systems

Available Distributions


Frequently Asked Questions

A Virtual Private Server (VPS), also known as a Virtual Machine or Virtual Server, operates on virtualized hardware within a physical server. This physical server is divided into several virtual servers, each functioning independently with its own Linux or Windows OS. Users have root or admin level access, allowing for the installation of a wide range of applications on these virtual servers.

Our servers, located in Auckland, New Zealand, boast 1Gbps internet uplinks, featuring a dual path, provider redundant network for optimal uptime and resilience. This positioning allows for faster page loads and low latency connections, enhancing the user experience for your New Zealand clientele and global connections. Plus, we offer unlimited bandwidth, meaning free inbound and outbound data transfer, ensuring you won’t encounter any unexpected overage fees that are common with other providers.

Selecting the appropriate plan is crucial and should align with your specific workload. For a start, our Balanced plans are popular, offering a well-rounded mix of CPU, RAM, and SSD storage suitable for a wide range of applications. If your application demands more specialized resources, we provide CPU-Optimised, Memory-Optimised, and Storage-Optimised plans with enhanced capabilities. Plus, you have the flexibility to resize your virtual server and switch plans as your needs evolve.

Virtual servers offer a cost-effective solution for hosting applications. With powerful and pricey dedicated server hardware often underutilized for many applications, virtual servers present an efficient alternative. They leverage the shared compute capacity of underlying hardware, cutting costs significantly. Additional advantages include easier backup and restoration processes, rapid on-demand scaling, and full management control through root/admin access, akin to dedicated servers. This makes virtual servers a practical choice for various hosting needs.

At Rapid Kiwi, we offer unlimited bandwidth, meaning no surprises with your server bills. Enjoy flat rate pricing without worrying about excess charges for inbound and outbound traffic, both within New Zealand and internationally. This ensures predictable billing, freeing you from concerns about escalating costs due to bandwidth usage.

Certainly! Resizing your VPS, also known as vertical scaling, is a way to adjust the server’s resources to meet your needs. If your requirements increase, you can easily upgrade to a plan with more CPU, RAM, or Storage. While downgrading to a smaller storage plan isn’t possible, you do have the option to resize just the CPU and RAM. This flexibility allows for future adjustments to your plan as your requirements evolve.