Who We Are


Founded in 2016, Rapid Kiwi was born out of a deep commitment to provide accessible and reliable web hosting solutions in New Zealand. Our journey began with a clear vision driven by several key reasons.

Affordable New Zealand Hosting

Recognising that quality hosting in New Zealand could be prohibitively expensive, we set out to change the game. We believe that every business, regardless of its size, should have access to top-notch web hosting without breaking the bank.

A Decade of Expertise

We bring over a decade of experience in the hosting and technology industry, ensuring that Rapid Kiwi stands on a strong foundation of knowledge and technical prowess.

From Web Development to Ongoing Support

Initially, our focus was on assisting local businesses in establishing their online presence by providing website development services. As our dedication and client base grew, Rapid Kiwi was founded to offer ongoing support and maintenance, recognizing the vital role these services play in sustaining our clients’ digital success.

cPanel-Powered Hosting

We noticed a gap in the market – not many New Zealand hosts were offering the user-friendly cPanel for hosting. Our extensive experience in the technology sector, particularly with servers and hosting, led us to embrace cPanel as a cornerstone of our service.

Your Website’s Home

Today, we are proud to be the preferred hosting choice for small and medium-sized businesses across New Zealand. Rapid Kiwi is not just a hosting provider; we’re your website’s home, backed by a dedicated team that takes the hassle out of ongoing maintenance and support.

At Rapid Kiwi, our mission is to empower local businesses to thrive online, providing the foundation and ongoing support they need to focus on what they do best. We’re here to host your digital journey, so you can focus on reaching new heights.



Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

In early 2024, we embarked on introducing a new service to our clientele – Virtual Private Servers (VPS). Our goal was to provide a cost-effective option to meet the expanding needs of our infrastructure. By rolling out our VPS service, we enable businesses to transition to semi-dedicated environments, offering enhanced performance and dedicated resources.


Rebrand & The Future

Fast-forward to 2023, we embraced change. Not just a fresh logo or a revamped website but an all-encompassing transformation. Our pricing structures evolved to ensure utmost value, and with our eyes set on the horizon for more services to provide our valued customers.


Managed Solutions

This year marked a significant milestone for Rapid Kiwi. We forged transformative partnerships with major industry players to roll out tailored managed hosting services. Catering to online giants with over 100k monthly visitors, our promise was to ensure ultra-fast website speeds and constant uptime, elevating every user’s experience.



Understanding the seamless experience of having domain and hosting services under one roof, Rapid Kiwi expanded its offerings. We introduced domain services, specifically focusing on .co.nz and .nz extensions. This move was a game-changer, allowing both new and loyal clients to experience a more streamlined online presence.



In a digital landscape dominated by overseas entities, our founder perceived a gap — the pressing need for New Zealand-centric hosting solutions that were not just affordable but also top-tier in quality. With a keen passion for the web and an innate flair for technology, he laid the foundations of Rapid Kiwi. The goal was straightforward: deliver lightning-fast websites to clients, understanding that in the realm of digital interactions, every millisecond counts.